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Benefits of Upgrading to IBM Power8 Servers
27.06.2017 16:34

In today’s environment, businesses need highly accessible systems that are integrated, run efficiently and can scale. IBM POWER8* Processor does all that and more.

IBM POWER8* server end users enjoy the highest reliability in the industry (99.9% uptime), lower operation costs, and the ability to run IBM I, AIX and Linux operating systems.

Key Benefits

Moving to POWER8 Systems offers the following advantages:

1. Better innovation. IBM's processors provide scalability and growth. They are compatible with the most recent OS levels including IBM i, AIX*, and Linux* According to Steve Sibley, VP, IBM Power Systems*, “(favorable circumstances incorporate) …phenomenal execution and adaptability, new abilities that empower significantly higher accessibility and flexibility, virtualization, and OpenStack administration to make operations and administration less demanding.”

2. Cost savings. Whether you're moving from a scale-out or an old legacy system, incorporating considerable growth potential, reduced server costs, and a decrease in general programming and support costs. Bo Gebbie, VP, IBM North America server arrangement deals, said, "We work with customers to enable them to comprehend what that budgetary case resembles, regardless of whether it is TCO (add up to cost of possession) or TCA (add up to cost of procurement)… You're getting more advantage for every dollar you spend."

3. Open-source access. IBM's positioned POWER* for as a foundation for future systems. In fact, It designed POWER* as a result of its commitment to Linux OS, open-source programming, and OpenStack administration.

Sibley further notes that POWER8 customers can take full-preferred standpoint of open-source developments, for example, quickening. The Open POWER Foundation, Open Source Initiative and Linux OS provide better approaches to utilize the system. Nonetheless, you should move up to get to these new abilities,

IBM Power Virtualization Center and POWER8 innovation allows customers to mechanize their business systems and workloads in a cloud like domain without yielding any important execution or workload detachments. Control Systems innovation additionally offers adaptable, flexible limit upon request. This allows customers the flexibility to adapt their server farms to address changes in the business condition.

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