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IBM Power Systems Solutions
28.06.2017 10:29

For many years, IBM's Power Systems have been the best in the business. The IBM Power8 has been accepted worldwide and the IBM Power9 is coming soon. IBM’s Power System Solutions fit all needs, from SMB organizations to the largest worldwide Fortune 500 business innovators. The IBM Power Systems offers an abundance options and designs. We’ve selected a few of the top facts and features.

IBM Power Systems Facts and Features

• Available in 4, 6, 8 and up to 16 cores. Average of 10,000 CPW for @ core.

• Robust and secure virtualization. The IBM Power Servers running the IBM i OS provide extreme scalability, security and virtualization with little or no downtime.

• Support for IBM I, AIX and Linux partitions. In addition, the system can have Intel (VM) servers connect to integrate data and/or share the internal hard disk or SAN.

• Space conscious and effectively designed. Most of IBM's Power Systems fit standard server racks and can be incorporated into your current system within minutes.

• Advanced power management. IBM's innovation continuously alters the power utilization of its servers, limiting their power utilization all while providing required power.

• Built-in security consistence. IBM Power Systems servers know about numerous security conventions, including SOX and DOD.

• Complimentary “SOU” – statement of union and “WIA” – what if analysis for optimal sizing.

IBM Power Systems provide extensive security and a substantial protection against cyber threats. The system provides the ability to LPAR – “logically partition” applications, provide for growth and has an

IBM Power Systems offers options for every business. Whatever the objective, IBM's Power8 and future Power9 will accomplish it..

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