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26.09.2017 15:29

British Airways

In May 2017, a major computer failure grounded thousands of flights over a two-day weekend. The fiasco affected 75,000 and required additional staffing. The airline easily lost well over $100 million – probably closer to $200 million. The culprit: a power surge

This came eight months after a worldwide computer glitch caused a major systems failure, which stranded 300,000 customers, lost luggage, outsourced jobs, and other major problems.

Delta Airlines

In August 2016, Delta Air Lines’ operations center lost power for five hours. It had to ground 1,000 flights and scratch 1,000 even more over the next two days. It further gave customers vouchers and refunds. Delta lost $150 million dollars. It claimed that it was an internal problem.

Less than one year later, in April 2017, Delta suffered another systems failure and canceled more than 285 flights and delayed another 625, impacting twenty five percent of its nationwide flights. The perpetrator: a thunderstorm.

Workers were trying hard to get the system functioning, but yet another thunderstorm affected their progress and caused four days worth of interruptions.

It might be easy to see how the airlines went through the first crashes. They had Disaster Recovery Plans, but they were flawed. They didn’t, however, modernize or perfect those plans. That was inexcusable.

You may say that the above examples pertain to airlines. What do they have to do with my businesses? If you have a server upon which you depend, well, a lot. Your business could suffer a system crash just as easily and you could lose business and customers just as easily, too. And, you can learn from the airlines’ mistake by ensuring you have an up-to-date, effective Disaster Recovery Plan.

A Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is an outlined method by which a company or entity safeguards and recoversits entire working system should a disaster ever take place. Disasters include, but are certainly not limited to:

o technicalglitches

o system failures

o power outages

o weather

o human error

o cyber attacks

o data theft

UCG Technologies

Thirty years ago, twenty-six year-old Jim Kandrac founded UCG Technologies (then known as United Computer Group, Inc). He believed combining cutting edge technology with a desire to surpass customer anticipation would sustain a workable and constantly growing company. He was right. Today, 98% of UCG Technologies’ (UCG) customers return.

UCG Technologies (UCG) are IBM i hosting working exclusively with IBM Power Systems in combination with IBM i High Availability Solutions (IBM I Disaster Recovery) and AS400 Disaster Recovery. UCG’s plans back major platforms including the IBM i Series, System AS/400, Windows, Linux, UNIX, and I.

UCG disaster recovery centers offer a safe, dependable environment for your system and data. It actually serves as an extension of your business and makes sure your operations continue to function efficiently. It also offers offers IBM i Hosting (AS400 high availability), an AS400 cloud backup solution that both standardizes your electronic data interchange and satisfies your confidentiality and security standards.

See UCG’s website today.

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